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The Innovation Team at Canadian Beverage Supply presents the Chill Max line of glycol chillers.  While the overall design may seem familiar, let us assure you that the differences, however visually subtle, truly set Chill Max on a tier above the rest.   

Beginning at the heart and soul of any chilling unit, we find the refrigeration system.  For years, competitors have focused on a concept, a look, a particular (patented and proprietary) design feature, or simply turning a buck.  This Unit begins with a Condensing Unit.  The Compressor, Condenser and Fan are a complete unit, built by Tecumseh, and matched to one another by Tecumseh Engineers.  The parallel, two-channel condenser coil acts to instantly double the surface area of the heat exchange where the refrigerant is hottest, and thereby balancing the stress on the system while increasing efficiency and prolonging component life.  Each is selected to best match the Desired Evaporator Coil, so that Chill Max Glycol Chillers achieve the best possible BTUH one could hope for, in a reasonably sized platform.  This results in a Stadium/Venue Quality unit.  One that your customer can count on during the Seventh Inning Stretch, Second Intermission, and at last call on Halloween or St. Patty’s day.  One that is held in robust and durable chassis components that are designed to work for the Refrigeration system, while also surviving the rigors of the Entertainment, Hospitality, and Food Service industries. 

As a blue collar Technician with roots and family in the 3 largest countries in North America, I appreciate that Chill Max Chillers are designed and built in Canada, by people paid a living wage, and working in fair and safe conditions.  More than half of the Design Team, both here, and with our manufacturing partners in Quebec, is made up of people who have worked as installers and field technicians, with a combined, real world experience of more than 60 years.  How many other Equipment Providers can find this level of expertise in their overseas, Engineering Departments?  Furthermore, we will Listen and continue to innovate.  Should challenges arise, our Innovations Team will find solutions, even if it means a design change.  We want Chill Max to be the best we can make it.  Each unit is tested for function at 3 different stages within the build and configuration process.  When Chill Max ships to you, it does so, well packaged and in good working order.  And should mishaps occur en route, Canadian Beverage Supply will do whatever we are able, to get your project back on track as quickly as possible.  

When we, as Technicians, pull up at a Service Call, we know that the expectation is that we solve the Client’s problem.  Just as Canadian Beverage Supply strives to be the easiest equipment provider to work with, Chill Max is the Easiest Glycol Chiller to work with.  Chill Max is designed to help you shine, as you endeavor to help your client deliver a quality product.  There is so much in our business that is difficult.  I am overjoyed to be part of the team to make one thing easy.  From this Technician’s perspective, I appreciate that every critical component on the unit can be sourced at any reasonably stocked Refrigeration/Appliance Part Supply wholesaler in North America.  There are no mystery, proprietary widgets or doodads that take 2 weeks to get, cost 1/3 the price of a new unit, and void the warranty if given a dirty look.  I appreciate that everything I need to reach on the Chiller is accessible.  I equally appreciate the utilitarian approach to the Chiller design. A unit that is rarely or never seen by the patron needn’t be wrapped in Mirror Polish Stainless steel or paint thick enough for a battleship.   There are no unnecessary covers or grates to remove, that mostly serve to trap heat, cut your knuckles open, and to inflate the ego of the designer.   

As to helping you and your team shine, Chill Max is Brandable…..with your Brand, logo and contact information.  Unlike many of our competitors, Canadian Beverage is not your competitor, as well.  We don’t sell direct.  We don’t advertise and market Chill Max to your clients.  Chill Max gets fitted with your art and info, and with our support and guarantee. Our Founder and President, Doug Sutton figured out something very simple, and very early on in the 20 year history of Canadian Beverage Supply: The better our customers do, the better we do.  As a family held and operated Corporation, rooted and thriving in the heart of North America, we understand how important the business and brand you have built is, to you.  We understand that the simple act of presenting a professionally Branded piece, that helps to create and nurture prolonged client relationships, as well as protect investments.  So many of us have had to try to repossess or recover equipment from a failed restaurant or pub.  I can think of no greater proof of ownership than when the Equipment has the same picture on it that your van or tailgate does.  And should that property change hands, at least your name and info travel with it, and not as a tiny, easily missed, easily removed, or easily covered sticker. 

Most importantly, Chill Max Works.  It works well.  These units perform in adverse conditions, meeting or exceeding their BTUH ratings, and often surpassing competitor equivalents.  The 3/4 HP unit is the easiest of this size to deploy, in that it is a 115 Volt unit.  No odd, custom, 3 phase, high amp circuits are required for any Chill Max unit.  Every Single Pump Unit will run on a simple, Dedicated, 115v 20 amp circuit with a NEMA, 5-15p receptacle; the same wall plug most of us have at home.  If the unit has more than the single pump, a second circuit of the same type will be needed.  As all of these components are the most common types in commercial electric design, you customer needn’t break the budget over providing Chill Max with the power required to keep the beer pouring cold and clear.  The only mystery about Chill Max is why it took so long for something so simple and so right to be offered. 

From the Canadian Beverage Supply Family, our Innovations Team, and the Chill Max team, Thank you for Considering Chill Max, and CBS in the future of your endeavor.  



Dan Broaddus. 

Technical Advisor 


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