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Draught Beer Systems

The best Draught Beer Systems are meticulously designed to deliver the freshest beer a brewery has to offer. Our technical experts design long draw, air-cooled and direct draw on tap beer dispensing systems, tailoring them to fit the most unique establishment layouts. Precise design, Purity and Preventative maintenance, are essential to ensure a long lasting, efficient, well-balanced system capable of pouring draught beer the way the master brewer intended it to taste, pint after pint!

Water on Tap

Water on tap provides a quality, consistent product that adheres to the broader mandate of sustainability by reducing waste caused by single use plastic bottles. SS system components and high-quality food service grade filtration systems ensure a cold refreshing glass of water time after time.

Wine on Tap

Wine on tap provides a quality, consistent product that adheres to the broader mandate of sustainability. SS kegs, SS systems components and barrier tubing from CBS provide a completely inert environment, so the wine doesn’t age as it travels to the tap and beyond to the glass.

Cold Coffee on Tap

Cold brew or Nitro cold brew on tap is the most efficient method of delivering a consistent, refreshing “cold cup of joe”. Purity and quality remain consistent throughout the pour when SS components and NSF approved barrier tubing are used to push the cold brew from the keg to the tap.

Branded Products

Innovation and creativity drive the design of all custom branded products produced by CBS. From tap handles to medallions to fridge wraps and dispensing towers; CBS brings your brand to life, driving awareness and boosting sales revenue!