Customer Service


Online orders are available at anytime. We also accept emailed orders at anytime to You can also call in orders to 1-888-303-7707.

Typical order processing is as follows:

Product Availability

Our website has 2 product availability indicators - in stock or low/no stock. Items with limited or no stock can be confirmed with CBS Sales.

Changing an Order

If you wish to change (or cancel) an order, you must do so as soon as possible. We can cancel an order anytime prior to having the product picked up by our freight carrier, which happens multiple times during the day. An order can be changed anytime up to the order cut off for same day shipment. However, if the change request comes in later than the cutoff time, the order will not ship until the next day. Additionally, during peak season, orders that are changed will often be moved to the next day.

Product requests/suggestions

If you have a product change or suggestion, please contact to discuss. We are proud to customize thousands of products every year. We rarely find a situation where we can't find a customized solution.